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2013 Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er review. Pt. 1


Mountain Bike are for rugged mountaineering use withwider wheels to keep you from harm on rough terrain..
They also have straight handlebars for better roadholding on rough ground.
Road Bikes are thinner and have narrow seats
Hybrid Bikes are a cross between road bikes and mountain bikes
Cruiser Bikes are fitted with heavier frames

2013 Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er review. Pt. 1

2013 Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er review. If you have any questions go ahead and leave them in the comments, I’ll answer them as soon as possible.
Diamondback 2013 Overdrive Sport 29’er Mountain Bike with 29-Inch Wheels Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “2013 Diamondback Overdrive Sport 29er review. Pt. 1”

  1. Nestortrig says:

    I just bought a felt nine sport 29 for $500 second hand and I love it, does
    anyone know how is performing on the trail?


    Just switched my tires to Serfas Drifters slicks. It’s a bit noticeable in
    speed. They feel like your on rails. They are more quiet than the
    Wolverines. I use this bike more for pavement than dirt. I use my other
    bike for that. So far I have no complaints on this bike.

  3. Cole Royer says:

    what size frame is that???

  4. getinator says:

    Specialized is a very reliable brand. Yes, bicycles can get ridiculously
    pricy, but the components that come on it are high end. All new Specialized
    carbon framed bikes come with a lifetime warranty. So if you crack the
    frame at all, they send you a new one free of charge. When you buy a high
    end bike, its going to last you. Diamondback MTBs are not reliable at all,
    they have very cheap components that break easily. Its all perspective like
    jesse said.

  5. dirtbikermxpro1 says:

    Ive ran the bike down hill on the mountain courses and ive only broke the
    chain ,shifter , rear innertube and front diskbrake assembly

  6. Jesse Zirkle says:

    Ya I get it. These bikes run the markey like harley does. My harley is no
    better than a honda suzuki, kawii… but it cost me allot more. Marketing
    is a bitch for the consumer. Guess allot of bicicle guys wouldn’t spend 10
    grand on a harley jusy like I wouldn’t spend 5 g’s on a harley with pedals.
    Haha. Good luck to you guys.

  7. Luke Coley says:

    Honestly bikes are retarded once you get into the thousands range. They
    have very miniscule improvements that they will advertise and then say
    there bike is worth another grand. But for high end bikes you have to
    realize its a war brand names like specialized or giant compare it to a
    loui Viton purse why is so much? Because its a well known brand. There are
    value bikes out there in the thousands check out airborne bikes and jamis
    or khs. Hope this helps….

  8. Nati0us says:

    these are $300 in australia

  9. Mike T. says:

    parts… but 6 or 7 hund is my limit. Thousands??? you got me

  10. socalkev says:

    I would update the fork to an XFusion air shock if you dont want to spend
    that much on a front fork it wont have lockout cause lockout is a spring
    fork Air shocks dont have lockout but their more cush :) but if your mostly
    gonna street ride with with it Lockout is the best to go :)

  11. Jeran Bruce says:

    How much does thebike way? Nice vid!

  12. socalkev says:

    Out of the Under 1 grand FS best you can get is the Recoil Comp! has almost
    the same fork as your overdrive and at most its 900 -1000 if your lucky and
    the store has a sale you can get it for 799-899 Recoil Pro that one is
    1,499 why buy that one? around that same price is The Sortie 1 at 1,700.

  13. Jesse Zirkle says:

    I am not trying to sound like an ass. But I had a guy offer to trade his
    bicycle for my sportster. He said the bike was 5500 new….! I thought he
    was crazy. So my question to you mt biker guys is what makes a bicicle cost
    so much? Why are they so valuable. Even the $500 bikes. Somone help me out

  14. Alexander Marquardt says:

    You can buy it on Amazon for $550

  15. Gamebeast Mickey says:

    what size frame is it

  16. Alex Li says:

    Looks sick

  17. Cody Hildebrand says:

    HOW MUCH DOES IT WEIGH. no one says how much bikes weigh. STUPID AS SHIT.

  18. 41BIGeyedfish says:

    Just a heads up – the 2013 Overdrive Sport is now only $499 on Amazon,
    which is a great deal.

  19. 7ftchkn says:

    I had ordered one from Amazon with Prime @ $499 I thought I got a pretty
    good deal until I went to work and saw with my corporate discount I could
    get it for $350.Needless to say I canceled my order from Amazon. I ended up
    getting my son a 24″ and still paid about what my original order was.

  20. Mrsonicslash5 says:

    This bike is complete garbage. I myself have a yeti SB66 Carbon and cannot
    ride a 29er. Its all off preference and I say fuck 29ers. You panzies
    should get a real bike.

  21. smarzig says:

    can you show us the way to the corp discount? Is there a special agreement
    your company has with a store? Please help :)

  22. PaperBatVGmini says:

    cool bike! i just got the 2013 diamondback response xe 29er looks very
    similar…. check it out on my channel

  23. Kei Vestil says:

    Hey, what size is that frame if I may ask? It looks small-medium.

  24. biglilsteve says:

    Really? I just got the one without hydraulic brakes (called the overdrive
    expert) from performance bike for $499.


    Wonder what happened to my comment. But like I said before. I have the 2012
    version. It’s a good bike for a beginner.

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