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Woman’s Cycle Saddle

how to choose a woman’s cycle saddle













Not all Woman’s cycle Saddles are really comfortable when new.
Some bikes are even supplied with men’s saddles as standard.
As every woman knows there is a huge difference in what you expect from a saddle.
the layout on a woman’s saddle will normally have either a split saddle or be designed
with softer padded area to ensure maximum comfort for the user.
My own wife as severely incapacitated for several days when she rented man’s bike
on a trip to India.
Now if you want to totally ensure a more comfortable ride on your new bike or even making your existing bike much more user friendly there are several variations you might like to consider,

these include a wide gel saddle or a saddle with a general purpose relief pad.
Alternatives include a Big Bum saddle for anyone with a wider bottom or an easy saddle.
A recreational open saddle is a lightweight opening in the centre alternative with a lengthwise opening in the centre but you may well be happier with a combination saddle that incorporates an opening in the centre with an additional soft supportive area surrounding the centre.
A complexly gel filled saddle will make most ladies get a comfortable ride for short or medium
journeys but for long distance journeys you really should consider investing in an endurance saddle that incorporates gel relief pads to make your journey comfortable and happy.
The cheapest alternative to special sprung and gel combination saddles are gel filled saddle covers

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